The Importance of Creativity


Throughout history creative genius has been linked to mental illness. Edgar Allen Poe died on the streets, drugged out and dried up. Emily Dickinson poem created isolated in her room, seeing only family and a few friends. It became fashionable to suffer for your art.

Psychologists have discovered a link between those who are very creative and tend to develop bipolar disorder. Indeed, the very process that can sometimes seem to be manic depressive. When inspiration hits it recalcitrant child. The need to create sits up and kicks her heels until you pay attention. Then, when the ideas start flowing, they come at the speed of any sprinter would envy. It is often difficult to write fast enough to keep up with thoughts that they tumbled out. When the poem is written, or the painting is finished, it is finished. If you are not emotionally stable at the beginning, it was incredibly difficult to deal with this inspirational cycling.

When you consider the emotional turmoil of creative genius often experience, you will wonder what the possible benefits it could possibly be creative. In reality, these circuits inspired not occur at all and the benefits of exercise creative muscles far outweigh the disadvantages.

Creative people tend to be more intelligent and curious than the average person. Pablo Picasso once said: “I always do what I can not do, that I learn how to do it.” Never stop to rest on his laurels, he died in the 90’s, some of the greatest works created his last 25 years of his life. Ironically, Picasso was afraid to paint. Creative people face their fears head on.

If you are wondering how to develop creativity, chances are you’re not interested in creating Mona Lisa or writing the next Great American Novel. You’re probably more interested in how creativity will benefit you in business or personal life. If you’ve ever tried to solve a problem that seemed to have no solution or respond to opposite child, you certainly understand that creativity is an essential tool for success.

There are certain personality traits creative people have that you can learn to develop and nurture. By mastering this, you will not only become more productive and self esteem blossom.

Someone who is creative tend to be flexible and easy going. They rattle easily and do not tend to take life in stride. They are motivated and tend to be very knowledgeable about their field. Take risks in nature, they are not afraid to try new things or when fears start harassing them, they plow ahead regardless. These are people who bring about change in the world.

One of the admirable characteristics creative is the ability to be a nonconformist. It is probably also one of the most difficult to imitate. Wisdom is one of the end results of creation, and true wisdom is impossible to achieve if you are constantly worried about the thoughts and actions of those around you.

Creative genius is one of those rare products that it would involve some blessed birth. Only in the last two decades, scientists have been able to determine what it is and find those who have it. However, creation lives within all of us and take the time to nurture it you will reap many rewards.


writer by Beth Ferree

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