Smell colors resulting in better creativity?


Since I was looking at some creative expert on stage spewing out a lot of knowledge creation, when I heard him repeat the statement I had heard twice before. Through squinted eyes and lean forward, as if to share a secret, he said, “Research shows that the simple smell of crayon increases creativity in the brain.” With a lot more moving on with a brilliant speech, but he just offered to mind the whole dinner with no address or map E-vite Google. So what happens when you smell the box of Crayolas?

I mean, I should detain this stuff up and snorting favorite color green mine? For most people, when you smell crayons, as an adult, it will be full Flash back child hood. Most people can relate to this as many of us have used crayons through childhood out. I began to interfere in clearly Crayon need my brain, how does this smell is thought to make us more productive as adults? In your design out of my career, I have studied the thinking process, creative problem solving, and our brains.

“There is no doubt that the smell is a powerful feeling. Olfactory system, the device responsible for our sense of smell has the processes in the brain closely associated with the limbic system. The limbic system includes the amygdala and the hippocampus part of the brain , which are closely linked to emotion and memory, respectively. “(BBC / science)

Think odor that might remind you of your vacation, or your favorite meal, and it takes you. The smell of freshly cut grass is the movement of this memory and 21.1 gigawatts since I’ve been transported to childhood summers in my Chicago. The summers are filled with lazy evenings, no school, baseball, cooking out and fireflies. As nostalgic memories wash over me in the warm waves, really put my mind changed. I realized the colors could lead back with nostalgia to the childlike thought process. So I went and bought a box, opened it for the smell. Without many special memories, it did still take me back and made me smile. I felt free, I’m happy, and I felt a change in my mind set. Now how does this mind set on my creative process?

If you give a child a problem to solve, they tend to find interesting and unique solutions to the problem because they have no statue of limitations. My friend told me that her daughter said she wanted to create a sculpture. She favored it and let her daughter use the supplies from the family list box. When her daughter was done, she took her hand and had her mother close your eyes. Mother got ready and opened her eyes, she expected some kind of Play-Doh or Popsicle stick man. She opened her eyes to find an open closet with clear Scotch tape hanging from a clothes rack, a balled up interesting form.

Here was a little girl who had no clear definition or limits of what sculpture is and she defined it in a unique and brilliant way. Picasso said it best: “It began to be 4 years to paint like Raphael, but it took me a life time to paint like a child.” When I brainstorm I bring in people outside the class so there is less expertise. These experts do not tend to have a fresh and new ways to approach the same problem that we are trying to solve, or innovations, because they do not know about limitations.

Part of the creative process is to dream up a solution to the problem, with obstacles such as cost, lawyers, restrictions or rules. Recently, scientists have talked about how Star Trek Sci-Fi gadgets affect them in experimentation and creativity from the invention of digital thermometers to cell phones. Television creatives came up with the gadgets at the show with no restrictions and real scientist in the world used the dreams of poetry as a creative spark for innovation. Creatives, dreamers and artists, encouraging technology, engineering, law, business, and the builders of tomorrow. This process is no different than allowing a child like mind set without restriction, to come up with creative solutions that guide this idea with unflinching optimism.

When I brainstorm ways, I have a box of crayons everywhere. I have every record boxes and absorb odors. Watch bulbs and nostalgia set in is amazing. Along with nostalgia odor, one method I use really is kid-storm. The kid-storm I have in any group approached the problem like a first grader. I connected the problem as a teacher would. The group can only use the colors and paper, and Doodle with their non-dominant hand, drawing the idea from a deep internal bases their child on what we’re brainstorming. Ideas have a budget of 10 bazillion dollars to work with, zero limits, and can even use magic. We review the ideas and find a way to make them a reality. Ideas eventually be unique, amazing, fresh, and innovative.

So the next time you find yourself in a tunnel Target or Walgreens, be sure to buy a 79 percent package of colors and scents. Hold on tight and tell me where you end up. Just be sure that if not, remember to bring some high grade plutonium to get you back to the future. I forgot plutonium and I stuck to my child as brain waves of 1982 and to be honest, I’m okay with it.


writer by Chris Chapman

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