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The following factors creation has been suggested in the literature: basic safety, intelligence, flexibility, initiative, humor, originality, the ability to perceive various essential features of an object or situation, humor, competitiveness radical ness, eccentricity. We want to improve freedom, marginality and secularity in this list. However, symptoms that would hypothetically correlated negatively with creativity would neatness, rigidity, control, comprehensive, reason, logic, respect for tradition and authority, and a tendency to routinize and organize tasks.

discover Creative Persons

One type of test where creative people work differently as “intelligent” than less creative individuals has become a social test; more creative person joins a larger number of categories with each word. Another is hidden-form test requires the subject to find a specific geometric shapes in a complex pattern as it is “hidden”. Another introduces the beginning of a story and asks subjects to negotiate first funny, then sad, and finally moralistic ending.

Interesting, simple test asks the subject to draw two parallel lines and use these lines to make the design. If he makes the design lines, he is limiting himself more than if his design is carried out for two lines:

Another test gives the subject problem. “You’re newly married. About a month after Wed ding, bring your parents to visit you for Sunday dinner. Your mother starts to clean your house. You’re angry about this. Let’s work it out for 3 or 4 minutes. Let’s act it out, you take part of your mother. “The creative person find new solutions to this stress situation

Another test asks about writing history :. “Here would write a story about it ..” The creative person writes stories or extensions to semi-finished stories that few others imagine

still says another test :. “.? This is not how a newspaper can be found for it,” The more creative can think of more and better use than less creative.


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