Increase Creativity A-Z – O is for Overload! How To Focus When you have too many ideas


Creative ideas are absolutely critical for the creative artist.

Creative ideas are essential for all of us, living as blood is to the human heart, the fuel for the motor car, and water is the great rivers of the earth.

Without ideas there is no creativity. To create we have the beginning of some kind -. Tiny sketch, quirky phrase, the name of the character, and repeated song, which generates image

And then as creative people we spend a lot of time trying to find ways to have more ideas that we can then develop and mold and shape into beautiful creative expression us.

But what about the other end of the spectrum? What about when we have too many ideas?

Is it possible to have too many ideas?

Well no, not if you are able to gather them up, store them, and use them when the time is right.

But yes you can have too many ideas if it is this surplus of ideas that stop you from focusing on picking one and just create.

And what can you do if you feel overloaded with too many ideas?

How do you choose the right creative idea to start working?

How can you be sure that if you choose one and start viewing it, you will not be backed into a creative cul-de-sac within a few days?

answer? There is no “right” idea to start. The power, secret, reward creativity come by to pick one and just start.

You could spend the next decade trying to achieve the perfect idea to increase in the next novel, or tapestry, or wood structure. And never get around to choose one and create.

Or, you could spend the next decade picking ideas, pursuing them headlong with all the creative energy and plans you can possibly call to see where they lead you.

Yes, some will become dead ends. Perhaps the majority. But some have wonderful creation, the kind you can not have imagined that they would be when you started.

How would you have ever gotten to this point if you had not chosen an idea and give your best? You simply would not have. You’d still be sitting here in the same place, with the same level of experience, a decade old, yet the school system over the idea to start.

you know which option is best for you, so take it today.

Pick one idea and get going, start to create, have fun and see where it can take you …

There really is no other way. ..


writer by Dan Goodwin

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