Drivers Creation


There are two things that enhance creativity :. Imagination and curiosity

Let’s start with imagination. It does not take much imagination to realize that creation is not possible without imagination. Having imagination is a fundamental part of being human is the ability that allows us to think beyond where we are now. It allows us to see how it can be different. Imagination gives rise to ideas, and ideas are integral to the creation.

All babies are born with imagination in abundance but when it comes to creative imagination must be addressed in some way. Unfortunately, society tends to suppress the imagination in children because the fantasy highlights differences. In this way, many children never get the chance to learn to channel their imagination.

One important aspect of imagination analogy. We can simulate one type of object to another. For example, we can use the water flow and illustrations for electricity. Water flow is like an electric current, pressure as voltage, flow resistance as electrical resistance. In the early days of the metaphor was used to come up with the first hypotheses electrical behavior.

other driver for creativity is curiosity. As imagination, be curious is another essential part of being human. From the moment we are born we are interested to know all about the world around us. As we get older we start questioning everything from the way the material world is why society is the way it is.

the imagination, society tends to suppress excessive curiosity, because these people tend not to question too much. Very curious people have a thirst to acquire knowledge in many areas over time they gain a great amount of knowledge in the areas of those they tap automatically almost without thinking about it.

Putting imagination and curiosity, ideas and knowledge together.

So you use your imagination and come up with ideas and concepts are automatically filtered and resonate with a large stock of knowledge. This leads to more ideas, which in turn interact with knowledge. It is an ongoing process and this process is called creativity. Sometimes there is one person sometimes a group of people working together, but the process is essentially the same.

So if you want to be more creative, be imaginative and question more.


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