Creative Ideas – 3 steps to produce an endless flow of creative ideas


Creative ideas are the lifeblood of creative artists, the raw material to the shape of the wonderful new creation. This is true whatever the preferred forms of creating. If you have no ideas, you do not have a place to start to make out, creativity is starved before it’s even given a chance to get going.

So how can you have more ideas?

There are three main factors, they do not start with the point of having an idea, but so before. Here are three important points:

1. Be open to new ideas. If you have attitude and belief that you never have any good ideas, and will never have, then you know what? Yes, you will never have! Have ideas begins by being open to the world all around you, and let ideas. We each experience the world through our senses, so this is beginning to be open to new ideas. Rate per senses as well as you can, every sight, sound, smell, taste and texture thrill you like it is the first time you’ve discovered your senses. More open you are to fully experience the senses, the more they’ll stimulate thoughts, memories and ideas to develop creative projects.

2. Capture your ideas. This is the biggest mistake – and the biggest misconception – we take creative people. When you say: “I have not any idea,” what you’re really saying is: “I’ve never capture any of my ideas, so it seems like I’ve never something”. Get yourself a notebook, sketchbook, compact camera or recorder – whether that is useful for creative medium – and keep it with you wherever you go. As soon as an idea comes to you (through the recently increased and enriched senses), take it. As you get into this habit of capturing ideas, you will find the more you have, the more readily appear in their place.

3. Let your ideas evolved and multiplied. When you start capturing your ideas, and they are in one place, you will find that they start almost magically evolve and multiply. Just the act of capturing ideas gives the go ahead to develop. In your mind, when you take an idea, the signal goes off, and the box is opened, and either consciously or unconsciously, you are constantly working idea in some way. When you want to use the idea, go for ideas book (or recorder or camera) scan through and pick the first idea that excites you. Go with this natural energy, provide all other ideas and get to create.

Follow these three steps and within a few weeks, even a few days, you will have a fresh supply of great ideas to develop, and your creativity can really come out to play!


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