Creation Myth


Persistent myths about creativity and innovation lead to confusion, bad practice and bad decisions. Some of them are:

1. Creativity requires creative types

While some scholars argue that there are creative qualities like tolerance for ambiguity and intolerance accordingly, these statements against by symptoms are difficult to detect and are not stable or transferable across situations. Further motivation is an important factor. In addition, the creation of the cognitive process and the measurements as “it looks creative” poor standards. All studies show that anyone can produce novel, useful, varied, diverse ideas and search for specific types to come up with the decrease in total value of production.

2. Money is the Best Motivator

Material prize is synergistic extrinsic motivator. That means it is a factor that increases intrinsic motivation but can not in itself cause maximum creativity and production – there are at least six other catalysts that are as valuable. In addition, exactly how material rewards correlates very positively received by the peer groups.

3. Time Pressure operates Creativity

Yes and no. There are at least three opposing forces:

a) Time pressure increases creative output. By forcing idea production, setting goals and incremental deadlines, a greater number of ideas are produced than if “do your best” approach is taken. This action benefits from the positive prolific production and other processes.

b) Time pressure can be no synergistic extrinsic motivator. It reduces the level of participation in the efforts and prevents internal motivation.

c) shorter time pressure does not allow the mind to participate in the efforts of various intellectual levels. It does not allow rich ideas to develop through the process of cultivation.

4. Competition outperforms Collaboration

competition causes many to shut down and presents many films as core and peripheral groups politicking and limitation of information. Cooperation, on the other hand, allows intellectual cross-pollination is the raw material for a good idea generation.

5. Creativity and innovation can be used interchangeably

concepts of creativity and innovation are often used interchangeably, but they are, in fact, separate and distinct. Creativity can be described as problem identification and idea generation whilst innovation is idea selection, development and marketing. Distinctions one led to numerous conclusions. Among them is the fact that

a) creativity and innovation leaders need at least six different concentrations (including one holistic) to even begin managing creativity and innovation (in fact, many more are needed)

b) both creativity and innovation require different structures, processes and skills.

c) Workshop facilitators should split sessions in different parts and shape the framework and process to optimize performance at every level.


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