5 Tips For Creating Creativity


Writing articles is not much more than writing down thoughts about certain topics. You need to keep the reader’s interest among the “net” competition and entertain them. Understanding the wants and needs and interests will not hurt anything either. Creativity is the best way to do this and can be defined differently by personal choice. If one will be troubled by being creative, you risk losing that potential subscribers, sales, partner … whatever. To paint a picture in the reader’s mind with your words is not an easy task. I put together a few things that have helped me to keep the creativity door slamming in my face.

1. Be prepared

When it comes to writing, can be found in pique creativity level of at inconvenient times when, if you are not willing, to creativity / ideal that you had is long gone .I believe that keeping a journal or diary with you. Perhaps the voice recorder will work well. Ideas can be triggered by too many things in too many times to not have something to put it down at that moment! Seems extreme, but you remember those times when you had very vivid dreams about something but when you wake up and have to remember them, you can not? Same thing here.You can borrow an idea or perhaps read something to show you. Keep a diary or journal with you at all times for future reference. A “Rolodex” ideas and thoughts. This is worth doing.

2. Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath and think that everything is gonna be OK! If you are stressed or freaked out over one, it is much more difficult to focus on the other. Cluttered mind lead to chaos ideas. Get ducks in a row and be professional about it.

3. Find somewhere inspiring and go!

If you can either find or create a working environment that will inform or inspire you, do everything in your power to do it. I live on the beach in Oregon and the Pacific. I go to the beach, watching the sunset, listening to the waves and enjoy the view. Thinking almost always in my mind and what I do? I give them a voice recorder and when I have time, I do the article, report …. investigate it, whatever it is. So, make it a priority to expand your environment to enhance your ideas.

4. Be ball

You are in control here. Mind over matter. Exploring all options to clear your mind to write good content. I believe this as “Bowflex Machine” to practice relaxation. Just a few hours a day and do what we have already mentioned, can cover a lot of material and ideas.Dictate strategy and stay focused. Remember the big picture here. Treat online efforts as a career and you get the career results. Treat it like a hobby and just like a lottery here and there, you might make some sales. You get out what you put in and it takes consistency and persistence.

5. Jump out of your comfort zone

One good way to change the literacy program or uncreative mind is to make it out of the ordinary. Be more free spirited and change your daily routine with ease. Different streets to the bank, take the long way home, taking back roads … just change it up. A change of scenery changes the perception. Your mind can “wonder” or “lost” with unroutine events.Obviously, I believe that all writers dealing with writers block and we all probably deal with it differently. I was curious and decided to write this article. Common ground that we share and understand each other, even if we are fierce competitors. Sleep comes to mind here for me too. Rest is a great way to clear your mind. It is difficult for me and hopefully easier for you. It is a fact though.


writer by Craig Raphael

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